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What this is:

  • Mobile Friendly Agent Websites
  • Low cost / quick turnaround (2 business days)
  • Customizable – Contact Us to find out more (additional cost may apply)


Who we are:

  • ISOCoverage stands for In Search of Coverage and is a service provided by Lennis Design
  • Lennis Design in business since 2016 as a Texas LLC
  • With over 20 years of experience building websites, we are available for phone calls and online meetings to help create mobile friendly websites at affordable prices
  • Contact Us to find out more.

How to Signup:

  • Our signup form takes about 5 minutes to complete if you have this information ready to go:

    • Headshot
    • Slogan
    • Short paragraph to introduce yourself
    • Contact Information
    • Links to your social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

You DO NOT have to look small.

You are a licensed professional helping people take care of their health and their families.

You need a professional website to build a great first impression, but you have two obstacles, COST and TIME.


Typical costs of designing a website:

  • Finding a designer (opportunity cost you need use selling)
  • Typical cost to develop ($1500 and up)
  • Typical cost to maintain infrastructure ($100 per month for hosting, security, maintenance patching, monitoring and backups)

Fact: An ISOCoverage.com Agent Website has a low fixed cost and is either paid in a single yearly payment or low monthly costs (about 1/3rd).


  • You don’t have time to learn how to build websites.
  • You don’t have time to spend weeks waiting on a designer that doesn’t call you back.

Fact: An ISOCoverage.com Agent Website takes about 2 business days to implement and then you can customize it after it’s live and helping you do business. (additional cost may apply for customization)

What's the Answer?

  • Answer a few questions
  • Upload your headshot (about 5 minutes for most customers)
  • In 2 business days you can be looking at your new website.

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